Garden Vision Academy

Garden Vision Academy is how we teach people to be Biophilians through best practices for landscape design and horticulture.

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The current and planned training topics are listed below. In each mini-course you will learn professional tools and techniques for making thoughtful decisions for your Restoring Garden for Life.

Restoring Gardens for Life Mini Courses

Course 1 – Three Thoughtful Decisions
Course 2 – 5 myths about when to plant?
Course 3 – Right plant, right place
Course 4 – What food do my plants need?
Course 5 – How much water do my plants need?
Course 6 – Harvest Time
Course 7 – Prepare for next season
Course 8 – Winter Gardens
Course 9 – Pesticides & Herbicides
Course 10 – Seeds, Seeds, Seeds
Course 11 – Pruning Basics
Course 12 – Designing with Native plants
Course 13 – Designing for Wildlife

Coming soon! More in-depth training and learning at Garden Vision Academy.