Landscape Design in Poulsbo WA

Horticultural Design ConsultingServices Overview

Choose from complete landscape design packages or individual services such as horticultural and maintenance practices consulting or hands-on training. Check out pictures of some of our work in our Portfolio.  

Garden Vision creates landscape design plans for you or your preferred contractor to install.

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newly designed landscape in yardGardenVisionScape

Most design projects require similar tasks such as site assessment, client needs inventory, and stages of design and review. GardenVisionScape includes site assessment and inventory, a complete annotated plant list for the design, 3 collaboration meetings, and  2 sets of drawings.




Landscape Design Service

Individual Consulting Services

Select one or a combination of services from the list of services that best meet your needs. Garden Vision requests a 2 hour minimum commitment. The average amount of time for each service is listed below although actual time to complete is subject to each client’s specific requirements.

Design Concept

8”x11” not to scale overview to show possible solutions.
3-8 hours

Mini Design

11″ x 17″ to scale planting plan for a small area with plant list.
8-20 hours


Site assessment and client needs inventory, site measurement, scaled preliminary design concepts, scaled landscape design, detailed plant list, maintenance list, complete set of 24″ x 36″ prints. Options: material cost estimate, perspective drawing of focal point, contractor referral, project implementation oversight.
25-40 hours, or more

Site Master Plan

Expert evaluation of client landscape to determine optimal use and landscape element options with consideration of topography, features and clients needs.  Consulting notes or formal report available.
2-15 hours

Horticultural Consulting

Site assessment & inventory, observations on health of existing plantings, how to improve plant health, demonstrate care techniques, and ecology aware maintenance practices, quick fix recommendations for weddings or garden parties. Consulting notes or formal report available.
2+ hours

Garden Mentor

Basic how-to hands-on instruction in maintenance practices (pruning, weeding, watering, soil prep, planting, etc.)
2+ hours

Plant Selection

Provide list of climate appropriate plants for client designated area or planting bed.
2+ hours

Plant Procurement

Source, obtain and deliver plant list selections to client location.
2+ hours

Specialty Maintenance

Creative, nurturing pruning and plant care for shrubs, small trees, perennials.
2+ hours

Implementation Project Management

Oversee work of selected landscape contractor, arrange delivery of plant and hardscape materials, etc.
2+ hours

Replacement cost estimate

Use industry standard formula to determine the value of damaged or removed plant material for insurance or litigation.
2+ hours

Guest Speaker, Lecturer, Educator

Association or club meetings, career days, public events, etc. Suggested topics: Low Maintenance Gardening, Do Your Own Site Assessment, Landscape Design for Homeowners, Soils 101, Landscaping for Fire Resistance, Using Native Plants Effectively, Landscapes for Wildlife. See Events for more information.
30 minutes minimum

Design or Architectural Graphics

Create a 3D perspective of selected design view or detail drawing of design element (typically used for homeowner association / covenant committee approval).  Art ready for your frame!
8+ hours